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Popularity of eyebrow threading

Visit any spa or salon -- or even take a walk through the mall -- and there is a good chance you will come across practitioners of eyebrow threading. The popularity of threading has grown so quickly that many people may wonder about its origins and benefits.


Dental care can help prevent periodontal disease

Kids often lament daily dental care. Mom and Dad might insist kids brush their teeth each morning and before bed, but that doesn't mean kids enjoy these daily dental rituals.

While it's notoriously difficult to get kids to take dental care seriously, many adults also approach dental care with something less than an enthusiastic


Enhance your bust without surgery

Many women are concerned about their appearance, and often the size of their bust is a cause for their concern. Those who seek a more curvaceous bustline have different options beyond surgery to achieve their desired looks.
What determines breast size?


Clean Hands Save Lives

Washing hands isn't simply a method of cleaning up before sitting down to dinner. Frequent hand-washing is the single most effective way to prevent illness.

Proper hand-washing has proven effective against the spread of 99 percent of germs that travel via droplets -- and that includes the flu


Battle the Burn How to Prevent Razor Burn

Most men have had at least one uncomfortable encounter with razor burn. Razor burn occurs after shaving and can be uncomfortable and lead to razor bumps. The bumps can be red and are typically accompanied by ingrown hairs.
Razor burn is easy to prevent. Because it's often a byproduct of a poor shaving routine, razor burn does not have to be an accepted part of a daily shave. The following tips can help men ensure their next shave is smooth and pain-free.