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Creative ways to recycle leaves

Leaves cascading down from trees indicate the arrival of autumn. However, colorful and awe-inspiring autumn leaves can be a hazard if left to lie on the ground too long.
Fallen leaves form a dense insulator to protect trees' roots and prevent competing plants from growing. Decomposing leaves also provide nutrients for the tree. But wet leaves can be a safety hazard and leaves left on the lawn through the winter can pose a threat to the grass. These are just a couple of reasons why so much effort is placed on leaf clean-up in the fall. The following are some creative ways to recycle leaves that fall from your trees in the weeks to come.


Simplify fall leaf cleanup

Apple pie, pumpkins and blooming chrysanthemums are symbols of autumn. But nothing signals the arrival of fall more than the millions of leaves that begin to cascade from the trees as the temperatures dip.
Many people feel nothing is more beautiful than the yellow, red, purple, and orange leaves that coat neighborhoods and countrysides each fall. But in spite of their beauty, leaves might be a nuisance to homeowners tasked with removing the growing piles of them from their lawns. Those with large oak and maple trees in front of their homes understand the seemingly endless work of leaf removal.


Help plants survive sizzling summer heat

Many people consider summer the most enjoyable time of year, as the summer sun and warm breezes make the season perfect for rest and relaxation. But the months of June, July and August, which are often characterized by rising temperatures and stifling humidity, can be tough to endure as well.


Help your landscape survive drought

Drought is a serious condition that can impact landscapes and natural resources tremendously. Drought occurs when there is a serious shortage of water, due in part to lackluster precipitation combined with hot, arid weather. As early as March of this year, a large portion of the United States already was experiencing extreme drought and severe drought conditions, according to the National Climatic Data Center. The western coast of the United States as well as middle American states are notorious for drought conditions, but drought can occur anywhere should precipitation be scarce, particularly during the summer season.


How to graft a favorite plant

Plants can be propagated in various ways, including grafting. Grafting involves slicing off a piece from one plant and connecting it to another to create a new plant. Grafting can be an interesting hobby, and even novice gardeners can become skilled at grafting.