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Romantic locales ideal for Valentine's Day

Part of the excitement of Valentine's Day is taking the person you love to a romantic locale. Romantic tourism continues to be big business, according to Conde Nast. While much of the romantic retreats that take place are honeymoon-related, there are some couples who want to share their love in a romantic spot other times of the year, like Valentine's Day.


Jewelry buyers' guide

You can't buy love, but on Valentine's Day those in love certainly like to treat the special people in their lives to some lavish tokens of affection. According to the National Retail Federation's Valentine's Day Consumer Spending Survey, Americans spend an estimated $19 billion on gifts, flowers, dinners, and more come Valentine's Day.


Give the gift of homemade fudge

Looking for some sweets for your Valentine's Day sweetheart? Chocolate is one of the most universally beloved confections and is especially popular come Valentine's Day. While others may line up to purchase chocolate treats this February 14, it's easy to recreate some of the magic at home with ingredients you already have on hand.


Romantic poetry fitting for Valentine's Day

Traditionalists who want to commemorate Valentine's Day in the most romantic way possible may want to harken back to the days when poetry was the primary way lovers expressed their affection for each other.


Valentine's night out planning pointers

Many couples go out for a night on the town in celebration of Valentine's Day. Romance typically prevails on such nights, but there's more to planning Valentine's Day dates than just roses and chocolate. The following are a few tips to make sure this year's Valentine's Day date night goes off without a hitch.