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Worst First Date Ever

First dates are always fun but can be unnerving, especially if you do not know the person very well. I met this girl, she will go unnamed, so as you can tell this date did not go well. I’m sure you knew this already because of the title. I met her at Marshall. We more or less just chatted when we saw each other, but we always ran into each other a few times a week on campus. Now I’m not going to lie she was very attractive. She also had a great sense of humor and was intelligent. After a few weeks of seeing each other on campus I got her number. Yeah I’m a fast mover. It only took me a month to ask her for her number (Obviously being sarcastic).


Are these people your co-workers?


We all have co-workers that annoy us. It is just a reality of the work place. While these people are nice, they are annoying. Do I annoy them? Oh yeah without a doubt, but at least I am aware that I do.

Let’s begin with…


The night a 9 year old humiliated me on Xbox Live

I enjoyed playing video games on Xbox Live. I paid 7 dollars a month for the experience of engaging people in cyber battle from all parts of the world. I usually only played a popular first person shooter when I was online. I was good at it. I wasn’t the best in the world, but I wasn’t terrible. I could hold my own against anyone.



Independence: Disbility won’t stop you


Independence is a part of growing up. It is so vital that we gain the skills to be able to take care of ourselves, and make our own decisions. It is one of the first steps we take to help ensure we can make our own choices in our lives. We all need to follow our own goals and dreams. I was born with a disability; I know the challenges of life. I don’t live in a world full of chocolate puppies and rainbows. I know how adversity feels, but failure never stops me from getting what I want, and neither does my disability. We all have things to over come in life, and most of the time they are unexpected, and for people with disabilities those