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Romantic locales ideal for Valentine's Day

Part of the excitement of Valentine's Day is taking the person you love to a romantic locale. Romantic tourism continues to be big business, according to Conde Nast. While much of the romantic retreats that take place are honeymoon-related, there are some couples who want to share their love in a romantic spot other times of the year, like Valentine's Day.


Driving vacation planning pointers

Driving vacations are typically a more affordable option than flying for families looking to get away. Families often must decide between the convenience of flying versus the cost-effectiveness of self-driving vacations. Parents who hope to have a fun and affordable trip may find that driving saves them a substantial amount of money over traveling by air.


Tech to take along on your next road trip

Road trips hold a special place in many people's hearts. The open road and the freedoms it represents have been romanticized by writers and travelers since automobiles became accessible to the masses.
While many drivers still take to the road looking for adventure, road trips have changed considerably since Jack Kerouac penned his seminal novel "On the Road" in the 1950s. The spirit of the open road is still there, but the way travelers approach road trips has changed considerably, most notably with regard to the technology that motorists now take along for the ride. Drivers about to embark on a road trip, whether it's their first such venture or their fiftieth, can make trips even more enjoyable by taking along the right tech.


Plan your fall foliage road trip

Come autumn, thousands of motorists take to the highways and backroads to experience the ever-changing landscape made beautiful by leaves changing colors. Fall foliage road trips make for a fun way to spend a weekend afternoon.
With cameras in hand and provisions at the ready, motorists can make the most of their next fall foliage road trip.


The various types of RVs

Vacations are a great way to recharge and get some time away from the daily grind. While many working men and women take one or two vacations per year, recreational vehicle owners can travel more often without breaking the bank.
Recreational vehicles, or RVs, are often referred to as campers or motor homes. Equipped with many amenities, ranging from kitchens to multiple sleeping areas to entertainment spaces, RVs offer many of the comforts of home.