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Fitness and fellowship combine for better health

As a minister in East Harlem, Joan Williams-Jarrell is always looking for new ways to bring people together. She also wanted to be more physically active but had a hard time getting to the gym. So when she found a program that brings church members together to walk for fitness, it was a match made in heaven.


What to do when seeking a hunting license

The requirements to secure a hunting license vary depending on where a hunter lives. Different states, counties and even countries have their own rules, and hunters must adhere to these specific rules in order to secure their licenses in time for hunting season.


Water Rafting Is a Popular Sport

Outdoor enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to experience the majesty and excitement of the great outdoors. Water rafting offers fun, thrills and a chance to enjoy nature for all types of people.
There are many who have never run a whitewater river before. But that doesn't mean this isn't the time to try.

There are trips available for all skill levels and even those people who do not classify themselves as the adventurous type.