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How to help kids get into golf

Golf is a game of skill that can take years, if not decades, to master. Many golfers find their time on the golf course both rewarding and relaxing, even on those days when the fairways seem impossible to find.
Though many players never swing a golf club until they reach adulthood, it's never too early to hit the links. Some of the world's most accomplished golfers, including four-time Masters champion Tiger Woods, began playing as toddlers, and many feel that getting an early start can lead to a more successful game down the road.


Popular sports for seniors

Age doesn't have to stop older men and women from enjoying their favorite sports. In fact, remaining active can improve physical and mental health.
If a doctor has confirmed that it is okay to participate in sports, these activities can help men and women 50 and older enjoy friendly competition and physical activity.


Go green at the game

Sporting events are often steeped in tradition. The teams battling it out have their own histories, but the fans in attendance no doubt have their own customs as well. Many parents make attending certain sporting events with their kids a family tradition, while other fans may wear a favorite hat or jersey to the game no matter how many miles such attire has on it.


Family-friendly winter activities

Many people may run indoors when the temperatures outside approach or dip below freezing. But the truly adventurous see no reason why a little cold weather should keep them cooped up indoors for months at a time.


A New Gift for Your Golfer

Perhaps no amateur athlete is more committed to his or her sport or dedicated to improving his or her skill than a golfer. If you have a golfer in your life, you may have already given up on giving golf-related gifts because they usually nab the latest and greatest club, ball or gizmo before you do ... or your gifts just end up gathering dust because the products simply don't work.

This year, break your golf-gift slump by giving a gift that actually works, with results backed by a recent study.