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Delaying retirement has financial, social benefits

The need to save for retirement is something professionals start hearing about from the moment they begin their careers. Whether it's parents extolling the virtues of retirement plans or employers who encourage their employees to take advantage of their retirement programs,


Keep your smile going strong

A healthy smile goes a long way. The benefits of a beautiful smile stretch beyond the physical and into the emotional, as men and women with a healthy smile are naturally inclined to feel more confident about themselves regardless of their age.


Teens are a big driving risk on the road

Sharing the road with other drivers means being aware of the abilities of fellow motorists. Whenever a person gets behind the wheel of a car, he or she is placed in the direct path of others who may not be as good behind the wheel.
Drivers with the highest rates of crashes and highway fatalities include seniors and teenagers. Although many people are quick to believe elderly drivers are the most dangerous on the road, this isn't entirely true.


The basics of estate planning

With regards to finances, the future is a big part of many people's financial planning efforts. Be it the kids' college tuition or the day when retirement finally arrives, financial planning is all about the future.


Shopping for an assisted living facility

The decision to move yourself or a family member to an assisted living facility can be difficult. When men and women begin to experience difficulty with everyday activities, such as bathing, dressing or getting around, families may need to explore assisted living facilities.
Millions of people in North America reside in assisted living facilities. The majority of residents in senior living are those who may need assistance with one or two daily activities, but who are otherwise mobile and self-sufficient. Families faced with moving relatives into assisted living facilities can consider the following pointers to find facilities their loved ones will enjoy.