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Begin planning kids' summer recreation now

Many families spend winter figuring out how to chase away cabin fever and endure frigid temperatures until spring and summer mercifully return. Parents thinking ahead to swimming pools and days lounging on the beach can put their daydreams to practical use by planning ahead for their youngsters' summer vacations.


Dress Right for an Active Lifestyle

Now more than ever people are being urged to get up off the couch and start getting active. The National Center for Health Statistics offers that 60 percent of American women are overweight and over one-third of adult women are obese. Exercise and a healthy diet are essential to maintaining optimal health.


How to Sled Safely

Children look forward to snow days for the break from school and the chance to venture out into the snowy white wilderness -- even if that just may mean your own backyard.


These tips can help you score great seats

Concerts, sporting events and live theater productions appeal to a vast array of audiences. Few entertainment options compare to live events, which allow audiences to cheer on their favorite teams or applaud their favorite performers in person.


How to throw a theme party and help break the ice

Many people do not need a reason to throw a party. Although they're commonly held to mark momentous events, like birthdays, parties can be entertaining ways to get a group of people together just for the sake of being social.
Entertaining a diverse groups of friends or even family members may challenge party hosts to find methods that encourage their guests to mingle. One of the most effective ways to break the ice is to give a party its very own theme.