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Frugal ways to celebrate Valentine's Day

A day set aside to shower a loved one with gifts and touching words of affection, Valentine's Day brightens the often gloomy month of February. Established centuries ago with origins shrouded in mystery, Valentine's Day has evolved into one of the most popular - and expensive - days of the year. 


Big Box Not Necessarily Best Bet

When buying anything from furniture to electronics, consumers are often inclined to turn to their nearby big box store as a first stop in comparison shopping. Although big box retailers do offer competitive prices, they may not


Tipping point Who to tip during the holidays

Come the holiday season, most people find themselves in a giving mood. Gifting friends, family and even coworkers is common, but there are many other people in our daily lives who societal norms suggest deserve a gift as well.


Clever ways to give cash gifts

Whether it's for a couple on their wedding day, a youngster just graduating high school or as a birthday gift to a beloved family member, cash has become an increasingly popular gift in recent years. Once considered impersonal, cash is now a go-to gift for shoppers whose foremost concerns are putting smiles on their loved ones' faces.


Delaying retirement has financial, social benefits

The need to save for retirement is something professionals start hearing about from the moment they begin their careers. Whether it's parents extolling the virtues of retirement plans or employers who encourage their employees to take advantage of their retirement programs,