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Valentine's night out planning pointers

Many couples go out for a night on the town in celebration of Valentine's Day. Romance typically prevails on such nights, but there's more to planning Valentine's Day dates than just roses and chocolate. The following are a few tips to make sure this year's Valentine's Day date night goes off without a hitch.


Flavorful vegetarian does exist

Non-vegetarians might wonder how tasty a vegetarian diet can truly be. However, many vegetarian dishes are loaded with flavor, ensuring those who prefer meat and poultry can still enjoy a vegetarian dish no matter how strong their personal preferences.


Fajitas fit for a fiesta

Few types of cuisine are as beloved as Mexican cuisine. Whether celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a fiesta at home or simply looking for a quick meal when you're craving Mexican food, the following recipe for "Spicy Chicken Fajitas" from the Cooking Light "Fresh Food, Fast Weeknight Meals" (Oxmoor House) is sure to please.


Dinnertime can be family time, too

Today's families are busier and more budget conscious than ever. With kids more engrossed in extracurricular activities and Mom and Dad fighting to make ends meet in a still struggling economy, time spent together as a family is increasingly scarce.

Perhaps nowhere is that more evident than around the dinner table.


Peruvian dish ideal for snacking

One of the joys of being a foodie is the opportunity to use food as an avenue to learn about other cultures. Food can be a valuable tool when learning about different cultures and countries, shedding light on foreign customs and, in some instances, foreign economies.