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Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

As leaves turn and the fall weather cools, nature becomes a playground for imagination with its deep reds, oranges, yellows. And, of course, many children start planning their costumes early, using every excuse to dress up before Halloween actually rolls around.

With these quick and easy craft projects, the whole family can enjoy celebrating one of the most colorful seasons of the year.


Ergonomic tools make gardening easier

Hand injuries are a common side effect of certain occupations and hobbies. Tennis elbow or wrist and even carpal tunnel syndrome are well-recognized injuries. But ergonomic tools can help alleviate injuries due to repetitive motions.
The term ergonomics is derived from the Greek words "ergon," which means work, and "nomoi," which means natural laws. In the simplest terms, ergonomics is the study of how work is done and