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Photos of Local Events

2014 Ironton High School's Prom and Grand March "Photo Gallery"

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Ironton High School's tradition of the Prom and Grand March commenced at 7 PM on the front lawn of the Ironton High School. The 2014 Junior and Senior Class of young men and women made their grand appearance at the top of the stairway and cascaded down the front steps of the school as the backdrop of the Historical marble and stone entrance stood stately in the shadows of this traditional formal event. Families and friends gathered along the red carpet to watch as the young adults paraded through the courtyard and patiently awaited the passing of the eloquent couple arm in arm only to anxiously await the announcement of the Prom King and Queen.

Excited family and friends waited and watched for a glimpse of the smiles, the young gentlemen dressed in a multitude of stylish tuxedos and young ladies wore shimmering flowing dresses like celebrities in the spotlight for the evening's events.

The couples enjoyed the paparazzi of family and friends at the end of Grand March on the Red Carpet and eagerly awaited the rest of the night's fun events.