FYI Ashland

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About FYI is a dynamic new website that is much more than a website directory for businesses. is a unique resource for local writes, photographers, event coordinators, bands and so much more.  We offer a unique experience that allows users to fully integrate their skills, passions, and interests directly into our site to share with their friends and everyone in their local community. Along with user generated content, is the perfect place for you to get local news, original editorials from local writers, upcoming local events, movie show times, event photos. has exclusive offers, and discount coupons from local businesses.  Along with special discount coupons from local business, is an excellent way to get your business noticed and we are second to none when it comes to maximizing your advertising dollars.
Have you ever navigated through a so-called, 'local search' site and ended up checking out events in Iowa or New York? How many wasted times and how many sites did you have to visit before you found, or never found, a phone number, email address or Facebook account? Or to find a pizza parlor that deliver's after 10PM?
No matter what you're searching for in our community, from cook-off's to kick-off's, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the scoop in our lovely city; with up-to date information and exclusives on money saving deals from our local businesses that solely serve the Huntington community and benefit ONLY our community. The waiting is over; because there's no need to search anywhere or anyplace else. is built on a foundation of its citizens, businesses and organizations...block upon rocking' lock. performs all of its information, news and searches within itself; meaning, it does not require the assistance of an external database search engine portal that leads you to 'disarray astray' in cyberspace. By totally eliminating the redirects to other sites and the annoying 'pop-up' engines and ridiculous ads, delivers the ultimate goods in covering the latest in the extreme 'all' and the absolute 'everything' that simply is, one unique place, Huntington. 
Whether you're looking to explore cultural interests with an art show, stage production, concert or movie; or a major sporting event or tractor pull, maybe a weekend garage sale-or to download valuable coupons that only are available through; specials on services, products, even our nightlife venues; you can be rest assured that is the most exclusive, self contained, no nonsense authority in the absolute anything and everything that makes up our diverse, colorful community of Huntington, West Virginia. 
Check out the latest in the Huntington area. Use these steps to get organized and find the a variety of local events to attend.