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City of Ashland

Meet the Mayor

The City of Ashland operates under a City Manager form of Government. Under this form of government the people of Ashland elect a Mayor and four Commissioners, who together, make up the Board of Commissioners, which possesses the legislative and executive powers of the city. Administrative powers are vested in the City Manager who is appointed by a majority vote of the Board of Commissioners for an indefinite term.

The Mayor, Chuck D. Charles, as a member of the Board, presides over all meetings, calls special meetings, and executes all bonds, notes, contracts, and written obligations authorized by the board
. Our City Manager, Steve Corbitt, is the chief administrative officer of the city and exercises the executive powers and functions delegated by ordinance and statute.
The Mayor and four commissioners, Kevin Gunderson, Larry Brown, Cheryl Spriggs, and Marty Gute, are elected by the citizens to act as their representatives in all legislative matters. Their primary duties are to enact ordinances and make polices that are for the ultimate good of the community as a whole. The mayor is elected for a four-year term and the Commissioners are elected for two-year terms. In cities of the second class with the City Manager form of government non-partisan elections are mandatory.

The City Manager is responsible for carrying out its established policies as well as the efficient administration of City acti
vities. The City Commission also appoints a City Attorney, Richard Martin, who provides legal assistance to the City Commission, City Manager and department managers, and represents the City in legal matters. The City Commission also appoints a City Clerk, Deborah Musser, who provides administrative assistance to the City Commission and City Manager. The Clerk is responsible for the maintenance and safekeeping of the permanent records of the City and performs such other duties and responsibilities as required by law.
The City Commission conducts its business in public sessions which are held at the City Building, in the Commission Chambers, Third Floor, the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 12:00 p.m.; with the exception of the months November and December when the City Commission will meet only on the second Thursday of the month.City of Ashland

PO BOX 1839
Ashland, KY 41105
Phone 606-327-2001
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