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Common Sense? I’m too Smart for that! Life, Leadership, and Money

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Ever try to rationalize a really stupid decision your about to make? “I know those shoes are $200 but I play ball every day so I’ll get good use out of them.” “My test is in a week so why start now? I’ve got plenty of time to get ready.” “I heard that if you have an apple at lunch then 4 Big Mac’s at dinner really isn’t a big deal.” Ah yes, the beauty of rationalization. The more I get into the realm of leadership and life the more I realize just how simple success is.

“Simple? How can that be Tyler? I have 17 degrees and a Doctorate in Life Lessons from Harvard. Success must be studied, must be difficult, and must have many variables.” (By the way I have no idea if Harvard offers that degree) Success is difficult yes, but too hard for the average Joe to comprehend? Not even close. Let’s take 3 things that make us so called “successful” and make them simple.

1. If you’re Wealthy you MUST be Successful
Please before you read this advice be prepared. It may take you by surprise because I have put in hundreds of hours of deep research and have found the one thing that can make you wealthier than you’ve ever imagined. Please don’t tell anyone and lock it away in your safest place. Here it is.

Save more than you spend, and then do it over and over and over. Pretty deep…I know. So when you look at those $200 shoes, or that $5,000 TV, or that $8,000 vacation take a deep breath and ask yourself – “Will this help me or hurt me to save more than I spend?”

2. If you’re Happy you MUST be Successful
In Andy Andrews book “The Traveler’s Gift” David Ponder meets Anne Frank during his journey. The decision Anne gives David to change the world is “Today I will Choose to be Happy” That’s right, how you act and how happy you are today is a C-H-O-I-C-E! Your family doesn’t have to be in perfect harmony and THEN you will be happy, your 401 (K) doesn’t have to read $1,000,000 on the quarterly statement and THEN you will be happy, that boss that never gives you the credit you deserve doesn’t have to give you a raise THEN you will be happy. Start choosing every morning to be that way and everything else will follow.

3. If you’re Great at what you do then you MUST be Successful
I have a best friend, well he is technically family now that was 100% born to be a basketball player. He is so gifted, so talented that it is just plain fun to watch him play. I’ve got to experience not only watching him but playing on the same team also. Then a funny thing happened, for some reason he stopped playing as much. He tried boxing for a while and he was very good at it, but not like on the court. He studied nursing for a while, but it was just taking up time away from practicing and learning more about the game. Finally he stopped fighting against his gifts and committed himself completely to the game and within two months got offered a professional contract. What am I saying? If you’re a great speaker, then speak! If you’re a great writer, then write! If you know deep down you aren’t really what’s called a “people person” maybe you shouldn’t apply for a server job at a restaurant. We are all great at something and you already know what that is. Start taking the right steps immediately to put yourself in that field.

So there it is. Nice and Simple. Save more than you spend – Choose to be happy – Start doing what you’re great at. So I have to ask, are you using common sense?

All the best,

Tyler Bullington

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