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Slow Down to Speed Up "Life, Leadership, & Money"

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I have put a name on a disease many of us have felt but just can’t quite describe. How many times in the past year, month, week, heck even day have you said, “I can’t get anything done because I’ve got too much to do!” I call this Overwhelmed Paralysis.

So now that we’ve declared this a disease there must be a cure right? Well there is but it is not a one step process. Unfortunately we can’t just throw a band aid on this boo boo and move right on. In your life, job, relationships, etc. You have to continually pay attention to overwhelming paralysis or it will be too late. You’ll wind up stiff as a board sitting on your couch or at your desk having accomplished nothing! So since there isn’t a one step process how many steps are there? Well I’ve found that by doing 3 simple things your paralysis’s can quickly turn into a fulfilled, motivated, and accomplished; year, month, week, or even day.

Step 1- Slow Down!

 Ah, cutting corners just to get the task done and move on to the next one huh? Yeah me to- but guess what we get to do? Come back and do that same task that should have taken 30 minutes three more times and now it’s taken us two hours! (My adoring wife says this is how I clean the house) Take a deep breath and just slow down when there is too much on your plate. Do it right the first time. Know that whatever you’re doing or whomever you are interacting with is the most important thing in the world at that moment. Completely finish with 100% tenacity and effort –THEN AND ONLY THEN- move on to the next one.

Step 2- Write it down.

Something magical happens when you put an actual pen to an actual piece of paper. It seems to be a lost art but try it. Don’t even think about it, just start writing down all the tasks that need to be done, no particular order just get it on paper. Whenever I do this 100% of the time the most important task always gets written down first, then the second, then the third, and so on and so forth. So after I write it all down I go back to Step 1- I finish each task and I can’t stress enough – Do it right the first time. For a little fun keep all your checklists for a week and review them on Sunday evening before your next week starts. Give yourself a little pat on the back because you never realize how much you actually get done until you put it on paper. Keep them all and put them in a binder, the thicker the binder gets the more successful you’ll be in business, life, relationships, etc. I have labeled mine “The Million Dollar Binder.” And yes you can use the name, just give me credit when your friends ask about it.

Step 3- Find your cruise control

First let me put a HUGE disclaimer at the beginning of this step, I absolutely despise procrastination and everything that comes with it. The only thing procrastination puts off until tomorrow is success. However, you can’t run a car at 10,000 RPM for an entire trip, the engine will blow! The same thing will happen to you, if you try to run yourself at 150% non-stop everyday your body will simply just shut down. Physically and mentally you’ll become worthless – find your cruise control – work at a good pace that extends your gas mileage. You can get a lot farther going 70 MPH for 4 hours then you can 150 MPH in 30 minutes.


After we’ve taken a deep breath and realized we are just rushing through everything. After we’ve gotten out our fancy yellow note pad and written down what we need to accomplish today. After we’ve found our cruise control and have found an enjoyable pace to our life, business, and relationships. Guess what? You’ll still have things left to do! Don’t worry my fellow go-getter. There is always tomorrow, and know what tomorrow brings? And brand spankin’ new checklist!

All the best,

Tyler Bullington