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Notable people from Huntington

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  • "Big Ben" Bowen: a child who raised awareness of childhood cancer
  • William C. Campbell: golfer & twice president of the
  • United States Golf Association
  • Don Chafin: The sheriff of Logan County, and a commander in the Battle of Blair Mountain
  • Justice M. Chambers: Medal of Honor recipient
  • Larry Coyer: NFL and college football coach, currently Defensive Coordinator with the Indianapolis Colts
  • Dagmar: 1950s television personality
  • Brad Dourif: Academy Award nominated actor
  • Joan C. Edwards: singer, entrepreneur
  • Delos Carleton Emmons: Lieutenant General, US Army Air Force
  • Robert E. Femoyer: Medal of Honor recipient
  • David Ginsburg: (1912–2010), presidential adviser and executive director of the Kerner Commission.[28]
  • Hal Greer: former professional basketball player
  • Jim Grobe: college football coach, currently with Wake Forest University
  • Chase Harrison: professional soccer player
  • Henry D. Hatfield: former governor of West Virginia
  • Hawkshaw Hawkins: Country music singer
  • Eloise Hughes Smith: survivor of the RMS Titanic
  • Jackie Hunt: College Football Hall of Fame member
  • Albert G. Jenkins: Confederate Brigadier General
  • Katie Lee Joel: celebrity and television personality
  • Craig Johnson: novelist
  • Carwood Lipton: WW2 military officer, prominently featured in the book and television series Band of Brothers
  • Peter Marshall: actor, singer, television personality and game show host
  • O. J. Mayo: Memphis Grizzlies basketball player
  • Jeff Morrison: professional tennis player
  • Dwight Morrow: businessman, politician and diplomat
  • Patrick Patterson: Former University of Kentucky and current Houston Rockets basketball player
  • Rick Reed: former major league baseball pitcher
  • Soupy Sales: comedian
  • Michael W. Smith: singer
  • Ruth C. Sullivan: co-founder of Autism Society of America, founder of the Autism Services Center in Huntington
  • Bill Walker: New York Knicks basketball player.
  • Kayla Williams: US gymnast, World Vault Gold Medalist
  • Carter G. Woodson: founder of Black History Month
  • Steve Yeager: former major league baseball catcher